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Our Programs

Youth Jiu Jitsu

We offer two different Youth Jiu Jitsu classes. Our youngest program is for ages 5-8. We offer a second program for children ages 9-12. Here at Motion Works Martial Arts, we do not teach children's Jiu Jitsu, we teach Jiu Jitsu to children. We teach all aspects of self defense, which will build confidence and make your child "bully-proof". We hold children's classes Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

Little kids (5-8)        5:45-6:15 PM

Older kids (9-12)     6:15-7:00 PM


Adult Jiu Jitsu

Our Adult Jiu Jitsu program is geared for teenagers and up. Here we focus on a well rounded self defense program. We go beyond just the grappling sport part of Jiu Jitsu and step back to everything leading up to the fight reaching the ground. Headlocks, bear hugs and more, we try and prepare you for any unfortunate encounter you may face, with an emphasis on stopping the altercation before it becomes a fight. We hold adult classes Monday-Thursday.

Teens and Adults       7:00-8:00 PM

Ladies Only Class

On Friday nights we will offer a Ladies Only class. This class is geared to ladies, beginners to experienced, who want to gain confidence and prepare to defend themselves in real world situations. 

Ladies only (F)      6:30-7:30 PM


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